Legal Studies Clothing – Open Call For Design Submissions

Hello Legal Studies students!

Welcome back! As the Legal Studies Society gears up for another awesome term, one of the things that we have planned is the sale of Legal Studies clothing so that we can rep our program proudly. This year, we’ve decided to put out an open call for all Legal Studies students to submit any design ideas for what they would like to see printed onto the Legal Studies clothing.

We’ve picked out 3 types of clothing that we’ll be making available to all of you soon: 1) Fitted t-shirts, 2) sweatpants, and 3) hooded sweaters. We have yet to decide whether the fitted t-shirts will be either v-necked or crew-necked, and whether the hooded sweaters will be zip-ups or hoodies, but your design should be able to accommodate either in both cases. The fabric colour will be a single solid shade, and your design will be printed in 2 ink colours only.

Your design can, but does not necessarily have to, include the Legal Studies Society logo (here it is in white-background format and here it is in clear-background format). Your design shouldn’t be anything too fancy or complex — but it must have the words “Legal Studies” and “University of Waterloo” (or “UW”) placed strategically in each of your designs for the 3 types of clothing, front and back (so 6 designs in total). Font type and size of those words is up to you. You may also pick which 2 ink colours your design will be printed in. Please email your design proposals before 4:00 pm on Tuesday January 18th, 2011 to

After the submission deadline for proposals has passed, the Legal Studies Society executives will pick one of your design proposals and send it to the clothing printer for branding. We’ll keep everyone posted about when these will be available for you to order through us!