Executive Team

Co-President - Marija Blazevic

Term: 4A; Program: Legal Studies and Sociology, minor in Political Science.
I joined the LSS in my first year because I wanted to help other students navigate the Legal Studies program and explore different legal-related career paths. I also wanted to become a part of a like-minded and supportive community of students that works together to support other students as well as each other. Another reason why I joined the LSS is because I knew it would be a good way for me to network with professors in the Arts department and individuals working in the legal field, and thus, create valuable and meaningful professional connections.
Future Goals: Upon completion of my Bachelor of Arts Degree (in 2024!), I intend to attend law school to pursue my Juris Doctor degree in hopes of becoming a family lawyer. As a family lawyer, I hope to serve as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. I also aspire to contribute to public policy reform to change the ways in which domestic violence and violence against women are addressed within the justice system, in order to make access to justice more attainable for vulnerable groups.

Co-President – Vanessa Cerqueira

Term: 4A; Program: ARBUS - Legal Studies, minor in Sociology
To help foster and be a part of a supportive community of Legal Studies Students at the University of Waterloo. Future Goals: Pursue post graduate studies in the field of Law! Outside of the LSS, I am also an ambassador for the Faculty of Arts! I am thrilled to be working alongside this years executive team and can’t wait for you all to see what we have planned this year!! If you have any questions about the LSS, Legal Studies, Co-op, ARBUS or Arts! Don’t hesitate to reach out!! My email is: vcerquei@uwaterloo.ca

Vice President of Academics - Ayesha Munir

Term: 2B; Program: ARBUS - Legal Studies, minor in Political Science
I decided to join LSS because I really wanted to meet new people while at uw. I think it’s so important to make strong connections and build relationships because it can really enhance your university experience! A few of my future goals include going to law school and travelling as much as I can 🙂

Vice President of Marketing - Hania Ahmed

Term: 4A; Program: Honours Arts - Legal Studies and Sociology, minor in Politics and Business
Hey! My name is Hania and I am in my fourth and last year of Legal Studies and Sociology, minoring in Politics and Business. I joined the Legal Studies society because I wanted to apply the skills I adapted and advanced throughout my university life. I also joined just for the fun of it and to make new friends. I believe joining clubs like the Legal Studies Society helps tremendously with interactions and meeting other students within your major and faculty. For my future goals, I want to work in the criminal and human resources fields.

Vice President of Events - Maya Umakanthan

Term: 2A; Program: Honours Legal Studies with Co-op
Reasons For Joining LSS: To learn more about the legal studies community at UW, meet and learn from fellow LS students, and also to attend all the events and info sessions!
Future Goals: Hopefully to go to law school and be able to balance a successful career in the legal field + using the resources I’d have as a lawyer to give back to the community 🙂

Vice President of Finance & Operations - Alex Chaban

Term: 3A; Program: Knowledge Integration and Joint Honours Legal Studies
I started off last year as a 2nd year representative for LSS, and I’m thrilled to be returning into the new position of VP of Finance & Operations! I originally got into LSS to gain more insight into legal studies, meet like-minded students, and engage with interesting events/opportunities. Future Goals: I'm interested in exploring law school and various intersections within the law such as foreign service, governance, security, and strategic studies. Feel free to hit me up if any of these topics are of interest to you too!

Vice President of Communications - Emma Chiarenza

Term: 4A; Program: ARBUS - Legal Studies, minoring in Sociology
To help students with an interest in Legal Studies to learn more about the field and cultivate an environment where they can communicate with others with similar interests.
Future Goals: I plan on being a Family Lawyer who specializes in Domestic and Gendered based violence against women.

Vice President of Outreach - Sanam Joyaa

Term: 3A; Program: ARBUS - Legal Studies, minor in Political Science
I joined LSS to be surronded by those who share the same passions as myself and to integrate myselfm into the legal community at UWaterloo where I can learn and gain loads of experience from. My future goals include going into corporate law and owning my own firm one day!

Vice President of Community Engagement - Kashvi Sharma

Term: 4A; Program: Legal Studies and Psychology
I was very excited to be a part of a team with like-minded individuals who shared a similar passion for law. I’m very excited to continue the momentum that the LSS has had so far, and help make the events and activities we plan more accessible to everyone in our community. Future Goals: I hope to become a family lawyer in the future.

First Year Representative - Jasmine Mwangi

Term: 1A; Program: Honours Arts and Business with Co-op - Legal Studies
I joined the Legal Studies Society to further deepen my knowledge in Legal Studies and to meet new people, build a network and in general build on my love for Law. Future goals: I hope to graduate from the University of Waterloo, pursue Law school in the States and from there, play around with life and see where it takes me.

First Year Representative - Munraj Mavi

Term: 1B: Program; Honours Arts with Co-op
I joined the LSS team to connect with students who share my enthusiasm for the legal field, as well as to benefit from the resources and events organized by the LSS as opportunities for learning and personal growth. Future Goals: My goals for the future are to graduate university, attend law school, and then to become a lawyer who can assist anyone facing legal issues, providing them with the necessary support and aid to beat any case!

Second Year Representative - Nina Cvijanovic

Term: 2A: Program; Honours Arts and Business - Legal Studies
I joined the team to further my academic involvement while simultaneously working alongside Legal Studies students. I'm looking forward to broadening my understanding of Law and attending the events hosted by the LSS. Future Goals: After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, I'm hoping to apply to Law school and pursue a career in the legal field. My areas of interest include: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, and Financial Litigation. The economic proceedings inherent in Business Law through negotiations, drafting, and securities are what I'd like to focus on.

Second Year Representative - Dilan Sharif

Term: 2A: Program; Honours Legal Studies, minoring in Psychology and Philosophy
I decided to join the team because of my passion for legal studies and my belief in the importance of creating a supportive and engaging community for fellow students who share this interest. I want to help organize meaningful events and activities that support students like me. Future Goals: My future goal is to initially focus on my undergraduate studies and make the most out of them. Eventually, I plan to attend law school or pursue a career in the legal field.

Third Year Representative - Tiago Fernandes

Term: 3A; Program: Honours ARBUS - Legal Studies, minoring in Sociology.
I joined the Legal Studies Society team because I wanted to join and learn from a diverse group of individuals with different perspectives and values who are all pursuing their respective passions within the legal field. I look to further deepen the sense of community among current and prospective students who are interested in Legal Studies. Future Goals: In the future, I hope to work in a role where I can actively contribute to the safety and well-being of our communities, while ultimately having a meaningful and positive impact on people's lives.

Third Year Representative - Carolina Ghally

Term: 3A; Program: Legal Studies and Psychology
I joined the Legal Studies Society due to my profound interest in law and desire to engage with like-minded individuals who share my passion. The Legal Studies Society provides a platform for students to explore various aspects of legal studies, including academic discussions, networking opportunities, and events that contribute to our understanding of the legal profession. Being part of the Legal Studies Society allows me to stay updated on current legal issues, gain insights from guest speakers, and connect with professionals in the legal field. Moreover, the society fosters a sense of community among students pursuing similar career paths, creating a supportive environment for learning and collaboration. I look forward to contributing to society's activities and benefiting from the wealth of resources and opportunities it offers its members. As a third-year representative, I commit to fostering a vibrant and inclusive legal studies community, contributing to the society's ongoing success. Future Goals: I aspire to either be an international, corporate, or personal injury lawyer in the near future.

Fourth Year Representative - Neil Shenoy

Term: 4A; Program: Honours Arts - Legal Studies & Political Science
I joined the Legal Studies Society to be a part of building a community of students, who are like-minded and interested in the law. Future Goals: After finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree, I hope to attend law school and earn my JD, with the intent of going into sports law.