LSAT Resources

Law Schools recommend actively studying weeks and months before your exam, we designed this page to help you find resources that will hopefully help your preparation for the LSAT go even smoother. On this page you will find events that we host as a society, organizations who offer LSAT training and prep courses as well as some LSAT prep books. There are many resources available to you than just the ones listed on this website, these are just some that our team has compiled together. We do encourage you to do your own further research to find what will best suit your needs. All the resources you find are not listen in any particular order.


As a society we host a special yearly event with The Princeton Review. This is free mock session that will give you a taste of what their courses are like if you were to purchase one of their options. You will learn how to study using Princeton methods and learn what type of questions may appear on the real LSAT. This is a great event to test out the waters and see if The Princeton Review is the organization that will best suit your studying needs.

We also offer a yearly LSAT Information Session. This is another free event that will cover a variety of different aspects including: how to sign up, sections of the test, the new digital format, preparation, study resources, and so much more! We do occasionally have a current student in law school as our guest speaker as well!

In addition, we have recorded LSAT Registration dates on our Calendar to help you know when registration for the next LSAT test is due.

We highly recommend staying updated with the LSS to learn when this events will be taking place.


Whether you are looking for synchronous meetings, small group discussions, or learning at your own pace, these organizations offer a variety of learning styles. All of these organizations vary in prices and resources so we recommend that you specifically look into each organization in order to figure out which one will best suit your study habits.


Each book offers different skill exercises, drills and practice questions that are designed to assist you in expanding your knowledge and expertise. There are multiple different websites to purchase these books that will vary in prices.