Welcome Back Legal Studies Society!

Hello and welcome back!

I am this years President of the Legal Studies Society, Jeff Bunn. This year we have lots of events planned for you to meet your colleagues and interact with your Professors away from the classroom.

This year the LSS is going to broaden our scope of what we do and who we attract. We understand that the Legal Studies program is a comprehensive program that exposes students to much more than just law school. As a result, we have decided to begin accumulating resources for students who may be interested in the policing industry, corrections, and government, while continuing to provide information about law school.

It is this executives goal to ensure that the LSS is moving forward in the direction that YOU wish to see. With that said, we hope to see you at our first public advertising event on September 22 and 23 at Clubs and Services Day in the SLC.

Until then, have a great first week of class!

Jeff Bunn, President – Legal Studies Society.