LSS Extended Team Application DEADLINE!

Applications for our EXTENDED TEAM close on October 5 at 11:59pm!
If you are interested in joining our society as an active role, the following positions listed below are available:

*Please note: any involvement within the LSS, or UW’s student body (in general), looks great on a resume or a Law School application.

Lower Year Representatives: In charge of advertising LSS events in their classes. *Must feel comfortable with public speaking and putting themselves out there!
Merchandise Coordinator: In charge of ordering swag, possibly designing new merchandise, and ordering merchandise that the LSS needs.
Graphic Designer: Create posters and advertisements for events and revamp the LSS website to make it look more appealing!
Social Media Coordinator: In charge of helping run the LSS social media accounts, to help engage our current followers and expand.
Director of Education: Responsible for aiding the VP Education in planning and coordinating academic events.

These roles are relatively low demand, but again, would look great on resumes and applications. They are also a step in securing an Executive Team position within the upcoming years. You can apply to more than one position, and applications must be submitted to our email:

The application can be found HERE:
Legal Studies Society Extended Team Application Form