Law School Admissions Information Session

The Legal Studies Society and The Centre for Career Action have teamed up to bring you another information session for law school admissions! This collaborative event is free for all students who are pursuing law school in the future. A Further Education Career Advisor will be opening the event with information about admissions to Ontario law schools, while also talking about the Canadian admissions process in general.

A Career Advisor will then walk through the steps of the admission process, focusing on what is required from applicants and how the Centre for Career Action can provide support along the way.

UW MATES will also be presenting self-care tips for the event and advice on how to stay on top of your mental health when applying to law school and handling course loads.

Students can register for this event by through the following link:
Please click “register for an event” and then “career centre events”.

Location: Environment 3 – room 4408
Time: Wednesday, March 4, 6 pm – 8 pm