Career Networking Night

oin us at our upcoming Career Networking Night on Monday, March 8th, from 7-8:30pm EST. At this event, you will be able to hear from four guest speakers from different fields within legal and social services, including policing, restorative justice, corporate law, and paralegal. We encourage you to turn your cameras on and ask questions throughout the event.

Our guest speakers include:
John Goodman, Superintendent of the Waterloo Regional Police Services Neighbourhood Policing North Division. Throughout his career, he has been a Supervisor in general patrol, detectives, drugs, professional standards, court services, and homicide. Notably, he spent 11 ½ years policing in plain clothes investigations in the Intelligence Branch, investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Jennifer Beaudin, a restorative justice practitioner at Community Justice Initiatives. She works specifically with survivors of sexual harm and people who have sexually offended. Through her years of experience with working with diverse populations, she creates safe spaces for meaningful conversations about the impact of sexual violence through facilitated dialogues, groups, and restorative circles.

Samantha Santos, a corporate lawyer currently working at Miller Thomson LLP in Waterloo. She has a focus on the emerging growth and venture capital practice areas, and has experience working alongside legal teams of technology companies.

Neha Prabhaker, a paralegal working at a personal injury law firm, representing clients in accident-related cases.

This event will be limited to 100 participants, so sign-up ASAP. Registration closes on March 8th at 10:00am. You must officially register in order to gain access to the Zoom link prior to the event. The Zoom link will be sent to the email provided during registration after 10am on the day of the event.

*Please note that this event is solely for registered University of Waterloo undergraduate students.
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