Prof Mixer!

On Tuesday October 19th from 7-8pm EST, the Legal Studies Society is hosting a virtual networking event for students and professors/instructors that are in the Department of Legal Studies. This is an amazing opprotunity to connect with Professors and also for them to get to know you! This event will take place on Zoom where professors will be assigned their own breakout room and students will be able to freely exit and enter these rooms with their peers at their own pace. Legal Studies Society executive team members will also be attending to help facilitate and encourage discussions.

*Please note that students are strongly encouraged to turn their camera’s on for this event.

This event will be limited to 100 spots and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t prolong your registration! This event is only open to registered undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo and will end on October 19th at 5pm.

Check out this link for tickets!