Vice President Education

Congratulations to Stephanie Mery, who was acclaimed on Monday as our new Vice President Education. I am positive that Stephanie will do a wonderful job in her new position. If you would like to meet with the new Vice President Education, please contact the Legal Studies Society and put the “Subject” as Vice President Education. Again, welcome Stephanie!

Vice President Education By-election & Volunteer Job Description for Executive Assistant

Information Regarding Vice President Education As mentioned at our latest caucus meeting, we will be holding a by-election next week for the position of Vice President Education. Please click Office of the Vice-President Education to find the nomination form. If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact the Legal Studies Society at Information on Executive Assistant The Office of the Executive Assistant is a newly formed position within the Legal Studies Society. This is a volunteer position (like all LSS executive positions). Please click Legal Studies Society Executive Assistant to learn more about the position.

Proposed Constitutional Changes

Hello Members, Please click Legal Studies Society Proposed Constitution to view the proposed constitution. Please direct all your comments to; all comments will be expressed to the executive committee prior to the executive vote. If you wish to view the current (original) constitution, please view “Our Constitution” on the Legal Studies Society. As per Article 9 “Amending Formula” of the current constitution, comments will be taken for up to one week. All constitutional changes require a 4/5 vote. The caucus shall be notified after the executive vote.  

End of Term Movie Night!

MOVIE NIGHT! This is just a reminder that tonight we have our End of Term Movie Night! We are still waiting on confirmation for the room number (I can tell you it will be in SJU). We will email out the exact room as soon as we find out (we will also post this information on our office door). Come out for snacks and a fun time with some friends! Did we mention you can bring anyone?! That’s right! Find a roommate or friend from your floor and bring them along! See you tonight!

LS Clothing

Hello members! We are now taking orders for LS Clothing. The order forms will become available Friday 25th November at the Legal Studies Office (SJU 1010a). Please see mock-ups of the clothing we intend to order. We will be using American Apparel for the sweaters and V-neck T-Shirts. Sample sizes are not available, sorry. *All clothing items are Black with White print. Zip-Track Jacket (white zipper): $45.00 (Click here for a closer look at the Track Jacket) Pull-over Hoodies: $20.00 Sweat Pants (open bottom/with pockets): $20.00 V-Neck T-Shirts: $20.00 T-Shirts: $10.00 Forms are available here,  Legal Studies Clothing Order (please […]

General Meeting

Helo Everyone! Just a reminder that our general meeting will be hosted in SJU 3013 @ 5 :00p.m.! We will be serving lots of pizza! Talk to you soon!

Application for the 2011 Prison Trip

Hello Members! Here is the link for the Legal Studies Society Prison Tour 2011 Application. Please print the forms (3 pages) and deliver them out to the Legal Studies Society Office by NOVEMBER 1st @3:00p.m. We have printed copies of the application and put them out front of our office for your connivence.

Welcome Back Legal Studies Society!

Hello and welcome back! I am this years President of the Legal Studies Society, Jeff Bunn. This year we have lots of events planned for you to meet your colleagues and interact with your Professors away from the classroom. This year the LSS is going to broaden our scope of what we do and who we attract. We understand that the Legal Studies program is a comprehensive program that exposes students to much more than just law school. As a result, we have decided to begin accumulating resources for students who may be interested in the policing industry, corrections, and […]